Does Luck really play a role in our Success?

Why am I not lucky in life like everyone around me.


Most people I know are so much luckier than I am in just about every aspect of life.


Why am I not lucky? Does this sound like you? Always seeing the brighter side of everyone else’s life except your own? I mean, it’s easy to do this.


Just look how all the other couples are getting along, laughing and joking with each other. Then you walk in the door from work only to not even be greeted by your mate.


Look at their kids, doing all kinds of sports while your kids are off running around somewhere you wish you knew but in the back of your head, glad you don’t.


What about that promotion you didn’t get, the car you have to drive, the house you live in that is falling apart. I mean, how much more can you take? Why a I not lucky?


Why are some people luckier than others?



How does it seem that one person gets everything he wants and others get the shaft at just about every turn they take? Why am I not lucky like those people? I have watched people in my own life where the breaks go with one guy and not the other on a continuing basis.


One person rather close to me has had so much bad luck in his life he sees no end to it. Every time he has something going in his direction for the good, it ends usually very bad for him. He can’t keep a job, no steady place to live and absolutely no money.


On the other hand, I know a guy, a young man who seems to have the world in the palm of his hand. This man has gone on more vacations then I have in my lifetime. When he makes an investment in something, it seems to always pan out for him. I know personally the money he has and for his age, it is quite a bit.


Let’s go through each person’s life.


The “Unlucky” Guy:


Flunked out of Highschool, later on, received his GED

Raised in a middle-class neighborhood with a middle-class family

Raised by two parents until 13 yrs. old, then raised by his mother


The “Lucky” Guy:


Flunked out of High School, later on, received his GED

Raised in a poor neighborhood in a poor family

Raised only by his mother, no father


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There is obviously no difference here as to why one would be luckier than the other. So, what is it? Is it a mystical, voodoo magic that floats around and when it grabs on to someone it just latches and never let’s go? Well, to the unlucky person, they would actually contemplate that thought for a while.


Go on and watch this video about an so called unlucky guy





However, that is not it. What it is, is simple. Luck is a product of your thoughts and behaviors. Luck is how you act, how you think, how you talk, how much you believe in yourself. Luck…is simply a by-product of what you choose to portray yourself as.



Why am I not lucky… Do you really want to be lucky? I mean really lucky? Let’s continue.


Let us understand what luck really is?


In case you are not clear as to what I am trying to say, I will say it in this statement. “Luck is what you make it. It is your choice to have good or bad luck”. Which means when a situation comes up, how are you going to handle that situation? Are you going to find a way to be positive or negative about it? It all starts right there, with your thoughts.


Let’s go back and talk about our lucky and unlucky guys for a minute. I know these two for a long time but you only just met them in this article. But, if I took them both, had them get haircuts and a shave and put a suit and tie on them, I bet you would be able to tell which one is luck and which one is unlucky in just ten minutes. All I would ask you to do is take each one in a room and ask them separately, these questions.


-In what way do you show other people, gratitude?

-When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

-Do you love your life?

-What are your 3 biggest dreams you want to accomplish?

-Do you love yourself?


After hearing their answers, there will be no doubt in your mind which is which. Let’s forget about my friends. How about you? I want you to ask those questions of yourself. Please, write them down and answer them honestly, it’s just you reading this.



Changing the way we think will make us more lucky



So why am I not lucky in life? Well, I hope before you continued reading you completed that simple exercise. It is important because the answers may haunt you a little more by reading them then just knowing them. Why is that important? Because in order to change, you need to know where you are in your head right now.


Learn how to do more creative thinking



If you got this far then you now have the chance to start turning your life around for the better, or shall I say to be luckier. This is the real magic and we all have it within us if we first, make the decision to go for it and second, practice, practice, practice.



We can do this all by starting to change the answers to those 5 questions that (hopefully) you answered. By answering these questions, we can determine why am I not lucky in life and with a little practice and belief, turn that all around. So here we go.





Your New Answers that you will say to yourself every single day, several times per day, are these.


-In what way do you show other people, gratitude? – I show gratitude to others by smiling and saying “Hello” more often. When I am at work I am aware of my surroundings and the people next to me. I always try and help where I can and it makes me feel good.


-When you look in the mirror, what do you see? – I see the most beautiful person. I see someone with a ton of self-confidence and the knowledge within to accomplish whatever I put my mind to today and every day.


-Do you love your life? – I love my life. I love the people in my life. Everyone around me is so nice and things just work out so perfectly for me. I love my life.


-What are your 3 biggest dreams you want to accomplish? – I want to own a beachfront property in a place with warm weather year-round. Playing in some of the biggest poker tournaments around the world has always interested me. I want to open a rescue called “Black Dog Heaven” due to big black dogs seem to get overlooked in shelters, we had two (now one) big black gentle dogs.


(The goal here, of course, is to fill this in with your own dreams and if you really do not have any, then I want you to think of three and write them down)



-Do you love yourself? – I most certainly love myself with all the passion in the world. People think I am funny, loving, caring, neutering, have a great attitude and I always give one hundred percent when striving to do better in life.


Now, with the exception of number four where you will completely overhaul that one, try and stick to what I wrote. You may tweak it a bit to help maybe talk more like you would but make sure it is positive. You don’t want to change it to “I will stop hating myself”. Because there is negativity in that.


I think… I should now head to the Lottery



Whoa! Not so fast. You literally just learned how to change your way of thinking, now the process starts with believing what you are telling yourself. Sorry, did you really think it was going to be that easy? Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying you love yourself is one thing.


But believing something that for the last 5 yrs. or more you were believing something completely different, that takes time and commitment.



Key Takeaway

How do I start to believe something, I don’t or maybe never have? I am asking for 66 days. I want you to put an honest effort into practice saying these five things every day for 66 days straight. Why 66 days? Well, you all heard of “do something for 21 days and it will become a habit”.”


This is not true.


Without going into details, it was taking out of context and suddenly all the guru’s started saying it. Science has proven otherwise and although I am sure you can give or take a few days, let’s just stick with sixty-six.


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As you do this on a daily basis (when you wake up for the day would be the best time, before you start your day) there will come a day where some emotions will start come out. Some people get this on the first day while others can take a week or so. There is something about looking in the mirror and telling yourself, I Love You.



Did we get away from luck?



Absolutely not! The change in your personal luck will come when the change in your personal attitude and how you look at yourself changes. As this happens, you will start to notice how things are starting to go your way more. You will see things changing around you, including yourself. People will start to see a different person, someone they didn’t know existed, but glad to see.



Key Takeaway

Luck my friends is a product of you, it is you. The problem is, both good and bad luck are within you. The good news is we all have the ability to change and become something so incredible, the dreams that you say to yourself will start to change. You will start to realize those dreams are too small for you now, it’s time for some real dreaming to begin.




This is something you are capable of, just practice, don’t give up and just allow the magic happen. This way you will no longer ask the question, why am I not lucky in life.

If you would like more help with this, please,

I believe in you – It is time for you to believe in you too.


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2 comments on “Does Luck really play a role in our Success?

I definitely agree about your sentence “Luck is a product of your thoughts and behaviors.”
I feel that it is so true in my life, the way I think and act impact how my life will unfold.

Well, I hope you keep on thinking this way and your life will continue to grow the way you want it to. Thank you for the comment.

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