The money in your mind – Review

Let’s take a closer look at what Money In Your Mind really is.

How would you like to be earning more than you are now, maybe drive a better car, owning the house of your dreams or maybe just being able to give and help others the way you want to.

money in your mind

This is what the program says it can do for you. So Let’s dive in and break down what they have to offer.

The program offers you 15 DVDs and 8 Bonus CDs. He breaks down each DVD and Let’s you know what each one will do for you. So here we discuss each DVD for you to better understand.

DVD #1 – The Wealth BlueprintThat Makes You Rich

Here he discusses how the rich keep getting richer and the secrets that Olympic athletes and Astronauts used to obtain wealth for yourself. He also talks about the “poverty virus” and see if you are infected with it. There are those beliefs that life isn’t fair and the rich own everything keeping the poor from ever achieving anything. He will discuss this and show you how to break away from allowing this to happen to you.

DVD #2 – How to Automatically Raise Your “Inner Wealth Ceiling”

On this DVD he discusses money and how you need to change the way you think about it. He will discuss how the rich look at it and how you can start immediately changing this in you. Once you understand this, it will help you start reaching your potential.

DVD #3 – Destroy the Poverty Virus so Wealth can Flourish

We talked earlier about the poverty virus and if you have it. Now he’ll discuss how to get rid of it for good and talk about the single biggest reason people do not get rich. How do poor people think differently than the rich? What do they do or purchase differently that helps them? That is what this DVD discusses and teaches in order to stop continuing the shopping traps.

DVD #4 – The Easy Way To Tap Your Own Financial Genius

In this DVD he discusses your mind and the way you think. The way people think about life is probably the biggest downfall for every individual. What this will show you is how feeling good can make you richer. Understanding the shift inside you is just as important if not more important than how you spend your money.

DVD #5 – How To Grow Your Wealth On Autopilot

Here you will learn the power of money and what it can do for you. Just imagine if you knew ways of using your money to make more money. Let money do the work for you. That is what this DVD will dive into. Learn the few tricks to start making this happen.

DVD #6 – Finally! The Money Machine That Sets You Free

A new way of thinking is what you really need. Learn the 8-point plan that Igor has put in place to get you where you want to be. This DVD gives you a new approach to giving (not necessarily charity) that automatically builds up your financial intelligence.

DVD #7 – Hollywood’s Nasty Conspiracy To Keep You In Debt

Do not get your role models for wealth from TV and the movies. You must remember, these are just movies and not real life. You will also learn the one “money trap” to avoid like the plague and be understanding why dreaming big really does help.

DVD #8 – How To Really Make Money While You Sleep

This is the secret most super wealthy individuals do not tell you. Here you will find the trick to really becoming successful and not having to work every day for the rest of your life. You work when and only if you choose to.

DVD # 9 – “Wealth Traps” That Cost You Money

You get the complete step by step Wealth Formula program. This is simple to follow and very powerful. Want to know about the dangerous false investments most people will believe makes money for them? You get all of that on this DVD.

DVD # 10 – Money System – Your Rock – Solid Key To Long-Term Wealth

Here you will learn the trade secrets of the super-rich. They work for anyone no matter your position within your company. Learn how to spot deals while others cannot see them because they are not looking in the right direction and do not have the correct way of thinking.

DVD #11 – A Simple Mental Shift That Turns Ideas Into Cash

Here are some ideas for you to engage in building up a business from scratch. He will explain how he did this same thing over and over again. Learn how to tap into your own ideas and make them powerful and start to work for you.

DVD #12 – The Most Important Predictor Of Wealth Ever Discovered

Discover how to overcome emotional issues in your life which hold you back from ever being wealthy. Learn how to have stick-to-it-ive-ness which will keep you going when everyone else is about to quit. Why you need to set goals for yourself and write them down and the only way to really fail in anything you do is to quit. Everything else is just a learning experience on your way to success.

DVD #13 – The Best Way To Speed Up Getting Rich

One of the best ways to speed up your wealth is paying close attention to who you hang around. Sabotage is the number two reason people fail. They will allow others to keep them where they are in life and you don’t even know it has happened. Train your mind to stick with your goals no matter what happens.

DVD #14 – The Money In Your Mind – Advanced Secrets

What you really need to do within your own mind to become wealthy and understand the proven techniques to continuously create luck in your life. Most people believe luck is just something that happens, however, the super rich understand what luck really is. here you will learn all of this and more.

DVD #15 – The Real Secret To Wealth: What Separates Billionaires from Millionaires

How generosity can make you rich is something you will learn here. Do not make the mistake that charity is the same thing as generosity because it is not and you will see that as he explains this in full detail. The saying that it is better to give than receive might make you sound like a good person but it really just inhibits you and your potential. What millionaires and billionaires believe is it is better to give AND receive. They believe everyone should win and this can be done and is done over and over again. Now you will have the opportunity to learn this trade secret too.

He is also adding in as a bonus, 8 CDs of wealth magic. Being able to take these with you or while you relax are key ingredients to your learning process.


Is there a Guarantee?Money in your mind

Yes, there is a 60-day money back guarantee


Is Money In Your Mind for you?
That is a question for you to answer. If you can grasp the understanding that you deserve more in life and can allow someone to show you a way for that to happen, then yes, I believe this would be something very beneficial for you. Only you have the power to create a new life for you and your family. No one can show you the way, but Igor is willing to help you along the way.

My personal final thoughts
I know private coaching with him costs in upwards of $6,000 and unless you have that kind of money lying around, this is the next best thing. He basically lays out step by step what to do to be successful in life. On his website, he even gives you a sneak peek into one of his training courses.

I do believe if you follow his program you will come out of it with new aspirations and definitely have the new mindset to achieve what is rightfully yours in this world. Click on the link below if this interests you or helped you. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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