Start taking responsibility to become successful in 2018


We all want to be in control of our own lives. Taking responsibility keeps you in control and when you do, no one or nothing can take it back.

Being Young, Dreaming and No Responsibilities


Taking Action


All of us had dreams when we were young to be this person, do this for a living or achieve these things before the age of blah. None of us thought those dreams wouldn’t come true, until one day you wake up in a job you hate and a life which is something to be desired.


What happened?How did I get here? It’s actually pretty simple.


Slowly, life threw you curve balls and you didn’t know how to react to them or just let them go by because they were too hard to deal with.




Then, suddenly, one day you wake up and find you are so far from Your dreams you will never be able to get back. So, this is where you are, wondering will this be me? Is this what my life is destined to be? Yes…and No. Let me explain.

I am going, to be honest here, this is not a feel-good article that will make you go out and rule the world. No, this is about you, who you are and who you want to become. With that, must come some harsh facts to understand.


One being, take responsibility for where you are today. Not everyone wants to hear this but please understand, by the time you are finished with this article, you will not only understand but no longer allow other people or things to have control over you.


Taking Control


When you take responsibility for something, you have now become the sole owner of that problem or issue. Where most people look at this as a bad thing, it is exactly opposite that. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.


Let’s say you walk to work every day and pass the same people along the way. One day you turn the corner and someone punches you in the nose then runs away. You can’t believe it. Who was that? Why did he do that?



You go to work and complain how someone just did this to you and how can they be so rude. The next day you wake up, leave for work, turn the corner and BAM! Again, the same guy hits you in the nose and runs away. Now You’re really angry.


So what do you do about it? Do you continue to blame him for hitting you and say there is nothing I can do about it? No, you do something about it.


You walk a different route to work, maybe you call the police or maybe you wake up early and get the drop on him this time.


No matter what, you are not going to continue to allow him to do this to you. Now as simple as a story this was, we actually allow this to happen to us all the time. Let me give you a short list of ways where you allow others to punch you in the face every day and do nothing about it.



Case 1

Show gratitude throughout the day. I can’t tell you how important this step is. This step plays an important part in your emotional well being. It is now a scientific fact that gratitude improves psychological health. It can release toxic emotions and increases happiness and reduces depression.


Case 2

You are in a bad relationship. For years, you have not been happy but see all the work and drama that would occur if you broke it off. So you stay and just deal with it.


I could come up with more but I think you get the point. In the example, number one you give the responsibility to You’re boss to tell you what you are worth. In example number two you give the responsibility to a little drama.


Case 3

You failed at doing something, maybe two or three times and quit saying to yourself this isn’t for you.


With example number three you give the responsibility to Your failures. In example number four you give the responsibility to a little hard work. Here is one more example


Case 4

You find you allowed yourself to get a little overweight and start an exercise program. You are doing good until you get to the scale, soon to realize you are not losing any weight at all. Then decide all this effort is no longer worth it.


I could come up with more but I think you get the point. In the example, number one you give the responsibility to You’re boss to tell you what you are worth. In example number two you give the responsibility to a little drama. With example number three you give the responsibility to Your failures. In example number four you give the responsibility to a little hard work.


This is why taking responsibility keeps you in control.


Taking Responsibility Is Your Strength



So how exactly does taking responsibility keeps you in control?


When you take responsibility for what happens in Your life you are now 100 percent in control of Your outcomes. No person or emotion can take that from you.






The whole reason for you to do this is to start making changes in Your life where you thought were impossible. So now you realize it is not your bosses fault for what you make, you can now do something about it instead of feeling stuck.


That is the “Magic” in taking responsibility. You no longer allow these ideas to stop you from what is rightfully yours and start getting back to achieving the dreams you once had.


This isn’t always going to be easy. Like I said earlier, taking responsibility means you are now in control of your destiny and that can come with a whole new set of problems. Let’s discuss the number one issue that can arise when doing this:


Fear of failure


So, this is huge. Fear will stop you dead in your tracks if you let it.


Knowing you are in control can be a little overwhelming. You start to question things like can I do this, am I strong enough, what if this and what if that?T


The only way to really succeed the fight against fear is to face it head-on. You must understand it’s not going anywhere and you will have to deal with it. So how do we do this?


The first thing is to realize this fear is a made up thing. It is made up in your head as to why you are afraid.Once, you realize that the most important thing to do is to take some action that will start to eliminate that fear. Taking action is one of the most important things one can do for themselves to fight the fear you are feeling inside



Slowly this fear will dissipate until one day you will sit back and wonder why you were so afraid to try in the first place.


Another important thing to realize is you are not alone. We were all there, we are all still there. I have been in the business of helping people for a while now and can tell you even the best most motivated, inspiring people out there have fear issues.


The only difference is they have probably gone through so many of them, it’s like second nature to them. They know what it takes to remove that barrier. You will get there too with enough practice.


No Excuses

This is funny because I have written posts before that pertain to people taking responsibility and the first thing people say is “So now everything is my fault, I can’t do anything correct I guess”?


Let me get this out of the way before I continue, not everything is your fault, however, you will take responsibility for everything that happens to you. Huh? Why? Well, we discussed why earlier remember?


The reason is so you can have FULL control over your life and how you live it. So by taking responsibility, it allows you to be in control.


I think you may be missing the pros in all of this. The greatest part about taking responsibility is you also must take responsibility for everything GOOD that happens to you.


Oh, now you are “OK” with taking responsibility. Did you get an unexpected check in the mail? Great, that was all you. Happen to get promoted over 100 other applicants? Congrats again, all you.


Did that good looking girl/guy just say yes to dating you? You again. Did your favorite football team just win the Superbowl? Umm…ok, maybe this one you had nothing to do with. But I think you get the point here.


Just remember, taking responsibility is not a bad thing, it’ a good thing. It will awaken you to a whole brighter future and not just for you but for those around you.


Grow a passion for this and you will start to see changes beyond anything you have ever dreamed. Nothing can stop you because you now have the power to fix anything that comes your way.


I believe in you – It is time for you to believe in you too.



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Nice theme and very well organized site. I like it. readable, clean, with a good topic.Psychology can be “the wind in the back or the stumbling stone” in achieving the goals or making the right decisions in life.All negative and destructive thoughts can lead to making you mentally and physically ill.

The brain moves everything from life to physical movement to form of apprehension, etc.The brain is the “motor of our behavior” and it needs to be treated “serviced properly”.

Contemplating behavior and controlling it can make a difference. Interesting topic. If we use brain we can control many things in us and on us. CNS is our “central workstation” and destroying it with negative attitude doesn’t have sense. This “central station” needs the right set up.

Good work.


This is a very important and well put together post. I can’t begin to tell you how much I agree with you. At my age, this has become my way of looking at the world. Nice read!


Thank you for this
this is great
All the best

This is one of my favourite topics I like to talk about everyday, to my friends and family. We must all come out of that comfort zone if we want to achieve something different in our lives.

A very thought provoking article which encourages lots of introspection. .

I am with you. It has really liberated me. Thank you

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you for the compliment

This is true and the longer we stay there, the harder it becomes. We all have it within ourselves to change. Thank you

Thank you for your comment.

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