How to achieve success without giving excuses in 2018

Success not Excuses – You cannot have both


Success not excuses are the only way to succeed in all aspects of your life. It’s amazing how many people in life want to become successful only to then say the one word that stops them dead in their tracks…BUT!


Every time I hear someone say they want to do this or they really want that and then say, but… I always say to myself, they never really wanted it, they only wish for it. A wish for something doesn’t happen, it just doesn’t. Real life is much different from fairy tales, unlike what Hollywood tries to get us to believe.


Isn’t manifesting just a wish?


Some people say to me, “But Frank, you believe in the power of your mind, you believe in manifesting what you want, isn’t that wishing”? Are not both of those the same thing? Absolutely not. Let me explain.


Pro Tip 1

Manifesting and wishing both starts basically the same way. You start to think about something you want to do or become. Then, the dream becomes stronger and you really get into it. So you start to feel the emotions that come with this thought you have just created. It feels good, really loving life right now. After a while, this is where the wish stops.


The wish let’s go of this dream and forgets about it, never to return to it. Manifestation takes control of this thought and makes it so strong in the mind, it starts to believe it. This thought becomes so strong you will convince yourself this is something that is going to happen.


Other emotions start to come in to play as well. A belief system takes shape within you, positive emotions start to explode around you. Once your belief system is in place, the most important thing starts to happen. You will take action into making this dream a possibility where before, it was just considered wishful thinking.


So as easy as I made this sound, it is, but only after much practice, just like anything else you want to perfect in your life. The only difference being, this could substantially increase your life-wealth, and I’m not just talking money.


Excuses are like…(fill in the blank)


I say this in many of my posts and I will say it again here. Do not think people who are successful in life do not have excuses from time to time. We really shouldn’t put others on pedestals because we feel they are more special than someone who hasn’t yet created something. YOU are special too. Just want to get that point across.


Success, not excuses, because you really cannot have them both. Just think of them like oil and water, they just do not go together.


Pro Tip 2

Successful people have just learned something you have not, they learned how to quickly dissipate these excuses and overcome them. One thing they will do is change the wording around. This is a trick I learned a while ago that has helped in so many ways.


There are many negatives words and sentences we use frequently where if we changed the wording slightly, we can turn it into a challenge and something that can be won. Whereas, if you leave it as the negative word or sentence, your done, finished, basically, you lose.


One thing that I would do when talking with contractors who work for me was I never allowed them to come to me and say, “Frank, theirs a problem, this won’t work.” When saying this, you are already defeated in trying to solve the problem. Instead, I tell them always come to me and say “Frank, theirs a situation that needs resolve, can you help us figure it out.”


Key Takeaway

Learn how to take what you are saying negatively and turn it into a positive at best, a challenge at worse. This way, you will always know you are going to solve the issue and continue forward in your quest to achieving your dream.


Accept the Challenge


So many times we will avoid challenges and basically, we make this to be the suffering aspect of our lives. We feel the more challenges we can avoid, the easier our life will be. Funny thing, it turns out actually to be the total opposite.


Pro Tip 2

When you “take the easy way out” it essentially becomes part of who you are as a person. The more you do this, the more lethargic you become. Meaning, your mindset is weak and not gaining the strength it needs to deal with the pressures of everyday life.



You need (and eventually will want) these stimuli in your life. These challenges become part of who you are and who you will become. They strengthen every part of your body, the best part being your mind. No longer will you allow situations to affect the outcomes in your life. Once you start to accept these challenges, you now take control of your own destiny.



Start by what is going on right now in your life. I would like to start with something small, however, if something much bigger is going on and needs to be addressed, then by all means, start with that.


I want you to take the first step and write down your challenge. After you write it down, I would like you to think as if this was someone else’s problem and you were helping them out. What is the first thing you would have them do? So what is the second thing? Write that down. Now the third and so on until all steps are written down which would complete the challenge.


Key Takeaway

I want you to take action on the first item. I really want you to do this. Forget about the other steps whether it just be one more or ten more. Look at the first step and complete it. Once completed, then and only then focus on the next step. I am going to make a guarantee to you, right here, right now. When you complete all of these steps and the challenge is resolved, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment, relief, and success all at once



The more you face these challenges head on the easier it gets.


Success, not excuses because there really is no excuse


There only two ways to fail at something. You either try and quit or you make up an excuse to not try in the first place. If you try and you fail then try again, you no longer failed the first time, you have learned a way that does not work.


But if you try and quit, then you have failed. Neither is worse than the other because, in both scenarios, you did not achieve your ultimate goal, whatever that may have been.


Pro Tip 3

People who truly succeed in life do not allow their excuses to take over. They have a belief system for themselves (confidence), daily goals are written down to achieve, good role models to follow and learn from and a plan of action



When a successful person does not have some of these qualities, they go out and find them however they must and acquire them. They adapt and change to become a better individual for themselves and loved ones.


All of us need to ask, “how can I do better”? We should always want to become better people for ourselves, our loved ones and the people we come in contact with on a daily basis. We can do this by stopping the excuses in our life, confronting the challenges that are impeding us and believing so strongly in ourselves that nothing can stand in our way.


When you finish I really hope you start thinking more about how to have success not excuses anymore. The good news it is your choice and you do have a choice.


I really hope you take this knowledge and apply it to your life situations and take back your life.


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I believe in you – It is time for you to believe in you too.





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