5 Reasons why power of belief will change your world upside down in 2018

Power of believing in yourself will turn your world upside down

Power of believing in yourself will turn your world upside down if you let it. It can be the difference between who you are and who you want to be. It can define you, better than you. Often used synonymous with principles and ethics, beliefs are anything but the same!


So let’s understand beliefs, shall we?


The Power of Believing in Yourself



Beliefs are affirmations or a state of mind, which you consider to be important and true, with or without any empirical proof to say so.


• Beliefs don’t need to have any basis. They can be 100% facts or 0% facts or anywhere in between. Makes no difference. All that matters is that you believe it to be true.


• Another important thing, beliefs don’t have a specified size of the impact. It can be something as life-changing as “God exists or does not exist!” or something as regular as “I am allergic to something or I am not”. •


The whole weight of a belief lies in the fact that they are important to you. Doesn’t matter if the whole world doesn’t support you. You need to support yourself.


Beliefs can be personal enough that they are non-negotiable or they can be loosely held beliefs that change on the basis of another person’s words. • Mainstream psychology and related disciplines have traditionally treated belief as if it were the simplest form of mental representation and therefore one of the building blocks of conscious thought


Philosophers have tended to be more abstract in their analysis, and much of the work examining the viability of the belief concept stems from philosophical analysis.



Watch this video to understand how Nick Vujicic uses his story to inspire and inform people all around the world.







1. Beliefs affect Behavior


It is obvious actually, beliefs (the particularly strong ones) affect how we see and how we behave in any given situation. The power of believing in yourself goes beyond what most people believe could happen to them.


People who believe in God, inadvertently begin advocating the existence of God when their beliefs are challenged. They may not intend to do it. But they can’t really control their feelings.


Beliefs have that kind of impact on the human mind.


2. Beliefs affect Choices


If you ever thought, your choice to become a doctor instead of a lawyer or drink whiskey instead of water, had anything to do with wisdom, sorry. There wasn’t any of that in the box. It was all your beliefs. You believed one to be better than the other.


One choice aligned with one of your beliefs and you chose it. So don’t ever let anyone tell you, you’re not wise because of some choice you made. Your choices are a reflection of your beliefs and not your wisdom.


3. Beliefs have a great influence on your personality


A person with very strong beliefs inherently has a very strong personality. Our belief systems groom our personality more than anything else.


If a person strongly believes in truth, he will choose to be true to himself and those around him, no matter what the consequences. One such believer was Mahatma Gandhi and nobody ever questioned the strength of his personality in the least.



Adolf Hitler also truly believed in his power to make Germany a force to be reckoned with. If you ever have any concerns about the German power, simply look at their social, economic, financial and other parameters. Even today, the society shows influences of a man, who for all his vices, had discipline in his actions.


4. Beliefs affect one’s point of view


Our perspective about anything and everything is highly influenced by our beliefs. If we are people who think the law is above all and end all, no matter who is the subject of the accusation, if the law has been broken, we will see them as guilty.


This was just one simple example among a whole host of beliefs.


Importance of Beliefs


• Beliefs are essential for building strong character. They support growth and development of oneself.


• Beliefs stay with us and become part of our nature. So we need a good set of beliefs or else we risk our nature and behavior.


• Beliefs help us perform better. No matter what happens, we go into a fight confident and emerge unscathed if our beliefs are strong.


• Beliefs give us a sense of identity and conviction. We get a sense of belonging from our belief system.


• Beliefs help us stand up when faced with opposition and put across our point of view. Even if our beliefs are contested, they don’t get defeated. So there is no fear of failure in it.


• Beliefs give us inner peace. Knowing that we do things based on what we stand for, gives us a sense of peace and serenity. We don’t get conflicted in any manner.


People tend to get caught up in the whole ‘Right and Wrong beliefs’ debate. Honestly, these debates are only an attempt to shake you up a little. Because more people that believe in one half of a story, the higher the chances of that half becoming a universal truth.


All that really matters is your level of conviction. If you think your beliefs can help you live life the way you want and that they can make you happy, then those are the only beliefs that matter. The power of believing in yourself will take care of the rest.


To end, always remember, “A tiger never concerns itself over the opinions of sheep.”


To Be Successful, Have Successful Beliefs


As we’ve discussed, beliefs create our reality. We develop beliefs for every area of our life, yet, the most important beliefs that contribute towards our success are the ones that determine the feelings towards oneself.


How you view yourself, has a direct relationship with the success you will have in the world – If you don’t believe you possess value, then there is nothing for you to share.


Successful people have successful beliefs. If you need examples for defining a successful belief, I suggest finding people you deem ‘successful’ and ask them or read biographies from great minds you admire (sorry, mine isn’t written yet. haha).


If you talk with some of the most successful people in the world, past or present, the most common denominator is related to the goals they set and the beliefs they hold.


The belief in yourself, your abilities, your value, and your future success is paramount.Let’s dig deeper.


The Power of a Belief


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela 

In 1954, the commonly held belief in the world was that it was humanly impossible to run a four-minute mile.


That’s until Roger Bannister came along, believing and proclaiming he’ll do the impossible. Sure enough, after many close attempts, he broke the four-minute barrier by .6 seconds! He shattered people’s beliefs by doing the impossible.


Do you know what happened next? A shift in belief occurred, which led to a plethora of runners conquering this once ‘impossible’ feat. Today, thousands of people have done it.


I don’t believe humans evolved at such a rapid rate in the 50s and thus allowing our muscle fibers to increase in density, enabling new increases in speed and longevity. The only factor that changed was the belief that it was possible – starting with Roger Bannister, believing in himself and not allowing a commonly held belief to hold him back.


Check out this video by TedTalks regarding the power of belief






What you think about most, what you focus on, what you believe, has a direct connection to your overall well-being, happiness, and success. Check my “Changing your Attitude Changes your Life” post for a more detailed discussion.


Clarity is Power

The power of believing in yourself forms our view on life, and nobody wants a blurry view. Our beliefs naturally guide us in the direction we most desire, and the clearer we are, the better the results.


Our subconscious can be our best friend or our worst nightmare, and proper programming (via our thoughts and beliefs over time) is required. Put garbage in, get garbage out.


What Prevents Successful Beliefs?


Have you failed more often than not? Have you been told by people close to you, that you won’t amount to anything? What is holding you back from holding successful beliefs? 


That last question may sound silly, because why would anyone hold onto beliefs that are NOT beneficial to themselves? Ludicrous! Well, this tends to be the main problem that people have because belief formation is not dependent on a logical framework and are extremely resistant to logical thinking.


Why would a person believe they can’t do something if they have no experience on which to base that belief? Isn’t it just as easy to believe you can do something? It sure is, but usually fear finds a way to sneak in and blind us. 


That is what is so great about fear – fear is usually a red flag, an indicator of opportunities to grow. If our beliefs create our reality, then in order to change our reality, we must first change our beliefs. Let’s look at how we can do that.


The Power of Positive Affirmations


Positive affirmations refer to consciously programming your brain with positive thoughts. Reminding yourself of the potential you possess, the feelings you want to experience, the life you expect to have, and the life you want to live.


I suggest creating your own affirmations that are personal to you in which you can easily subscribe to. Affirmations could include:


I am a successful, hard-working, and motivated businessman who people trust, respect and love doing business with.”


Powerful Affirmation


I am a loving father and husband who shows love, affection, and encouragement to my wife and children.”


“My life is filled with an abundance of opportunities waiting to be acted upon.” “I get excited and joyful when an opportunity arrives to help someone.”


“I feel energized when a challenge presents itself because it is just one more success waiting to happen.”


“My mind and body are clean and healthy and I do something every day to ensure this.” “I can do anything I set my mind to”



The most powerful statements are the ones that start with ‘I am…’ because you are declaring your ideal image of yourself, and your brain will start aligning itself with this image as if you’ve already become that person.


Sometimes affirmations don’t feel like they fit, or we aren’t living up to the expectation of the affirmation, and that is fine. If you are new to the idea behind positive affirmations, then it may feel like you are lying or tricking yourself into believing something that isn’t true.


Affirmations are not meant for lying to ourselves, their purpose is to enable the potential within us to fulfill the affirmations. Affirmations help fight the fear that holds us back from the action.


Through affirmations, we consciously note the person we want to become, and we actively move in the direction naturally by programming our thoughts and beliefs. Simply thinking the affirmation will not have a positive effect until it is repeated, believed, and felt.


This has the potential to be powerful. Start thinking of your subconscious brain as a programmable entity and you’ll start aligning your thoughts and beliefs to promote feelings you want to experience.


Allow the power of believing in yourself help you become whatever it is that you want out of life.If you would like to learn more about the power of believing in yourself, click on this link now and I will show you a way to get the training you want and deserve.



I believe in you – It is time for you to believe in you too


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10 comments on “5 Reasons why power of belief will change your world upside down in 2018

I am so interested in this subject lately and I do believe it actually works. I love how much info you have given me in this one article.
Now I am looking forward to reading your next Articles too.
Thank you so much for sharing I am off to buy one of your books which you have so kindly Recommended too.
Thank you Regards Deborah.

You are too kind, thank you so much. Hope you continue to enjoy.

Really loved your content, I’m currently reading “Conversations with God” Neale Donald Walsch, very inspiring, talks a lot about the power of belief and the laws of attraction. Good Stuff!

Yes, there are ways of learning to practice it too which will help throughout your everyday life. Thank you for your comment.


I can attest that this does definitely work. I never use to believe in myself and only cared about drinking and partying. It wasn’t until a few years ago I wanted to get out of the rat race and create a future I never thought was possible. I ended up believing that it could work and believed that I would make it work no matter what! I am NOW working from home full-time and loving every second. Believing it would happen and seeing it in your mind is the very first step. Thanks for sharing!

I am so glad this is working for you. Thank you for the comment and I wish only continued success for you.


Such a great post. I’ve done cycles of daily affirmations and personally, they work ridiculously well for me. It’s crazy to think that by simply telling yourself something over and over again can actually re-train your brain into believing it. Once you believe it, it becomes a part of you. So cool how the human mind works. I will definitely be coming back to read more of your posts.

Thank you, Nick. It is a wonderful thing. It does take some practice, but like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Hope to hear from you again. Good luck in all your ventures.


I made a choice and I tried to build a business for a long time. And it is not going well. Lately, so I have been questioning myself a lot. But you are exactly right. My choice is based on my beliefs and not my wisdom. After I read this article I genuine felt good and relaxed.

I am so glad this article came to you in time. Always believe in you and your wisdom will catch up when you least expect it. Thank you for commenting.

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