Now is the time for change – But do you know why?

Now is the time for change but do you know why?


Now is the time for change but not because it is a new year, new month, or any other reason like that. Also, now is the time for change because you are now ready for it. You want to change and become something you have always dreamed of but do not know how. Hopefully, you will follow these steps to make it easy for you to change, but only you can do this.


Now is the time for change and we all want to change and become better people. I mean, who doesn’t…right? But how? It can seem so overwhelming because half the time you are trying to fake it when deep inside you just are not ready for it.


So what do you do?


You go on the web looking for the latest the greatest motivational or inspirational speaker to get your butt in gear. Maybe you listen to a couple video’s or read a feel good story and that lasts a couple days until you are back to square one again.


So what do you do? Well, please allow me to entertain you for just a minute or so. I will explain why some people cannot change who they want to be and how you want to fall into these pitfalls.


You purchase the latest Motivational / Inspirational products


First of all, you will never hear me downplay ANY person who decides he or she wants to help others to become successful. Anyone who makes their decision in life to help others is a good person in my book. So why do I mention this as something wrong to do? Well, it’s not, not directly. See, normally I have found people who purchase products like this are doing it for one of these reasons:


#1Because someone told you, you need to change and let you know about this or that person is great so buy his/her DVD’s.


#2 – You want to change and purchase something from someone famous that you happened to have heard somewhere at one time.


#3 – You purchase within what you feel is your budget. Meaning, if you can only afford $25.00 that is what you buy or if you can afford $2,000.00 you will look in that direction.


The reason these are all wrong for you is that you are not addressing the problem. The problem is you made the decision to change but haven’t looked into the most important thing… Your Why! You’re why is the whole reason you are reading this right now…so what is it? Let’s talk more about that.



The most important issue for you to figure out is why are you not happy right now. What is making you read this? Write down everything as to what is bothering you that needs a change in your life. This is really important because this is where it all starts. Knowing you’re why and putting it in front of you so you will always look at it.


Read it to yourself, out loud if you can. This isn’t something that is going to make you happy, it’s something you need to here because too many people forget they’re “Why” and continue to live their unhappy lives. I do not want that for you. I want you to go out there and succeed and fail. Um…yes, I said fail, but that is another story, another time.


Once you write down your why (or why’s), put it in your pocket or hang it somewhere you will see it every day. This is important because when you decide willingly or unwillingly to quit trying and give up, your “Why” will stop you.


Oh, it may not stop you that minute, but I guarantee you, keep it with you and not long you will be back and stronger than ever. See, that’s the great part about failing, you get to come back and not make that one mistake again. You WILL do this as many times as you need to succeed because that is what it takes. When you do succeed, the feeling is incredible.


How your “why” and “who” you are will guide you in the right direction


So what is out there that can help someone change who they are. Here is a list and I am sure you could add to it:

1 – Motivational Speakers

2 – Inspirational Speakers

3 – Coaches

4 – DVD’s and CD’s

5 – Books and eBooks

6 – Blogs, posts, articles

7 – Quotes, whether they be motivational, inspirational, successful, positivity, belief in yourself



The list could go on and on. So where do you start? This will depend on you’re why and who you are and how honest you can be with yourself. Here’s the deal I would like to make with you, if you are honest with me (but really to yourself) then I promise you I will help you. So let’s start with your why.


Why are you here? Do you want to change? Change into what? For who? What is in your life right now you are not happy with? You must answer these questions so you know exactly what kind of help you need. The kind of help that will last a lifetime. The kind of help that makes you so strong, when you do get down, you can get out of it on your own.


Now, who are you? What type of person are you? Are you a person who believes in yourself or thinks everything you do gets screwed up. Is your attitude (not now maybe but normally) good or are you mostly negative about things that happen?


Are you easily motivated or would you rather sit, watch television and be left alone. These are all important otherwise the most influential speaker could stand in front of you spilling his guts out to help and you won’t hear a thing.


Start within


Before you can go out and start a new business to get you away from that horrible boss or before you can start that diet and stay on it this time or any of the thousand other reasons you are looking to change, you must first fix you. This starts with your attitude. your attitude is everything when it comes to changing and succeeding at whatever it is you want.


If I want to be motivated, I better be positive because I will have a ton of work ahead of me. If I want to be inspirational, I better be positive because I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a negative inspirational leader. Also, if I want to succeed in business, oh, you better believe I need to be positive. A positive attitude is a key to just about anything you want in life.


How do we get your attitude in the right direction. This is hard when you are so down about where you are in life right now. Well, you are going to do a couple things and I want you to start them immediately.


Now, some of these things may sound too simple but when put together, I’m telling you it is a great start to getting you in the right direction. I told you before I would not lie to you and I am not about to start, just do these simple things every day and watch the change.


Be Thankful for what you do have – You get to wake up and walk; We are able to breath, feel the air, see the sunshine ; You are able to eat, go to work, be with loved ones; You come back to the comfort of your own place – What I want you to do every morning is be thankful for the simple things in life we take granted of every day. Before getting out of bed, be thankful for as many things as you can think of.


#2 – Learn to appreciate what you do have before time takes away what you had. So many times we look at others who we put on a pedestal and wish we were them. Would you believe me if I told you there is someone out there that puts you on that same pedestal wishing they were you? You can’t move on until you are happy where you are.


#3 – Do good deeds for others – Forget about your problems by helping others with theirs. Do what you can do. These things can be something simple by opening a door for someone. Even buying a cup of coffee out of the blue for someone, giving a couple bucks to a passing homeless person, or smiling way more often at people you pass by. Start doing this on a daily basis, it will really change you inside.


#4 – Give your mind time away from reality. I do this every night when going to bed and sometimes throughout the day. What I am asking for you to do is dream of the life you want. I want you to think of every detail. Play it in your head like a story. Let me just end this with a quote that I love:


“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future” – Anonymous


Time will be your Trophy at the end



I am hoping you are starting to feel better however you will not change overnight. Today everyone wants things fixed now, no one wants to wait. I can tell you the more you practice these four things the quicker you will start to be ready for a change.


As time goes on these things will become second nature to you and it will get easier and easier. This isn’t the end all, this is the beginning of a new and improved you. Don’t waste another minute because now is the time for change.


I believe in you – It is time for you to believe in you too.






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