The ultimate guide to staying positive under negative condition in 2018

How to stay positive in negative situations.


Staying positive in any situation will always result in a better outcome than being negative.


How to stay positive in negative situations is by no means easy for anyone to actually do this. However, that is what we are going to discuss and get some answers and tips to doing just this.


So what do I mean by staying positive will always result in a better outcome? Am I saying that as long as I am positive, the situation will be in my favor all the time?


Good question. Let’s continue reading and find out the answers.


Is a situation positive or negative?


Some people will say it all depends on the person.


If that person is a positive person, then he will look at it in a good way and if he/she is a negative person, then they will look at it in a bad way. While others will say, it depends who it helps.


If it has been a very dry season and the crops are in desperate need of water, when it finally rains, all the farmers are very positive and happy.


But what about the wedding that was supposed to take place across town this same exact day. the couple who are getting married are not so positive, in fact, they are very negative at this moment.



Well, I am here to let you in on a little, simple secret. Any situation that happens, is just that, a situation. It is not positive or negative. these are all just things that happen to us a 1,000 times per day and they will continue until the day we leave this earth.


We, as humans, assign these situations names. Positive or Negative. Good or Bad. Right or Wrong.  This has been a common mistake that costs us so deeply. This way of thinking not only affects you and me but society as a whole.


When I was younger, this was my train of thought. The reason was that if I was right, then you had to be wrong…right? How can both of us be right? It wasn’t until I started reading more on being positive did I realize any situation could be a grey area and if we worked on it, everyone can win.


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Being positive in every situation



Nothing about what I teach is easy to learn. You will not be able to read any of my posts and say, ok, got it. Done. Next.


Everything I teach takes practice. We are talking about changing the way you think and the way you think, now, you have been practicing for (how old are you now)? So please understand, it takes work but once you get there, you will never want to go back because winning all the time is awesome!



Let me tell you a quick story of a situation that happened to me. I was going to court against a client of mine. We found out they have not been paying us correctly for many months (on purpose), which in turn broke our contract. I went out and got a new client.


This new client was also a client of their’s which was not allowed and in turn, I then broke the contract. What they wanted was for me to quit the new client and I wanted the money owed to me.


Key Takeaway

In two days we were having a court hearing and according to my lawyer, we were both going to get what we wanted. That night I went to bed thinking about how we were both going to win, but then it struck me that we were actually both losing




See, they owed me over $12,000.00 and that would have been a big chunk out of their pockets. this client wasn’t a big company, just an LLC like me. So that was going to hurt them.


I was going to lose a potential big client, that paid more than any other client we had. So in essence, we were all losing. The next morning I decided to go see my lawyer and tell him that I wanted to make a different deal before the hearing.


I instructed him to tell them I will let them keep the $12,000.00+ money and they sign off on allowing us to stay with the new client. To me, this looked more like a win/win and they figured the same thing when in less than two hours, they agreed.


I chose to look at this situation and see the negative that was about to happen and figure out a better way, not just for me, but for both of us.

 Positive outlook


How to stay positive in negative situations, in the beginning, can be rough and sometimes, it may not happen right away. But as long as you start to believe this can happen to you, it can if you are willing to try.


Every situation is different so some will be easy to overcome and some will be much more difficult. You get up and it’s raining outside on a day you have to work outside, can be challenging but easy to figure a way to be positive. A death in the family could be much more difficult to do.


When my mother passed away, I was on vacation with my kids and wife. I received the news from my brother.


Watch this video to get idea about positive outlook




There was nothing I could do by coming home a day early, so my brothers and sisters urged me to stay and finish the vacation for the kid’s sake.


It wasn’t easy, but I tried focusing on the good times we had and for the most part, it worked. That was until I saw her for the first time when coming home.


Key Takeaway

What really helped was seeing how my older sister held it together so well. My mother and she were probably the closest. She said she doesn’t think mom would want to see us all upset. If anything, she would want her kids to be happy.


Every year the five of us get together and go to her grave. We sit there, talk to her, talk among ourselves. We will make fun of her, remembering funny moments and then go out and get a bite to eat.


I can’t imagine sometimes what people think driving by seeing five people laughing in a graveyard but we all chose to make the situation as positive as we can and it really works for us all.


See, you have to realize no matter what, the situation, whatever it may be, is happening. Whether you are happy about it, sad, worried, angry, hopeful, upset or whatever really doesn’t matter to the situation that had happened.


It is happening and there is nothing that can be done about it. So now it is up to you to think about what part you want to play in it. Do you want to be sad and angry and affect others around you in a negative way? Or do you want to be positive and happy?



Mental strength


Yes, it does take some inner strength for this to work. But like everything else in this world, the more you do it the easier it will come to you. Try starting to use this on everyday things that happen in the course of the day.



If there is that one annoying person in the workplace, maintain your composure and don’t react. Give yourself time to think of something positive to say first. Another way is to make it a game. I enjoy games so this always works for me.


Key Takeaway

If they are in a room where you do your exercising, then put a note in a place where you would go before starting to work-out. Say you come home from work and plan on working out before dinner. Wherever the first place you go when you get home should be a note that says “Go work-out and be a winner.”



Always try and find the positive in things. It will brighten your day as well as others around you. If you feel you are a negative person, it is no harder being a positive one. You just have to be willing to change.


This video is an excellent guide to building mental strength




The most important part of this is you are not just being nice to others, you are being nice to yourself, your inner self. Creating this peace within you is going to help in so many other aspects of life.


Positiveness is Strength in Disguise


Click here if you are interested in learning more about how you can better your life and others around you.


I believe in you – It is time for you to believe in you too.


Please leave a comment letting me know what you thought about this article. Thank you for taking the time to read it.





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6 comments on “The ultimate guide to staying positive under negative condition in 2018

Samantha Moore

Loved each part….I can invision a few situations in which to keep these words with me. I remember when your mother passed, the way you handled it always bewildered me ..I wondered how someone could get that kind of news and remain collected and not decide to cut the trip short. Now, I understand. Love you so much!

Like I said it wasn’t easy but we were all in that moment. All of us were going to be affected and I had to figure out a way for it to work for everyone.
I want you to know that I wrote this article tonight because of you. it is so crazy that you decided to read this and comment. I know what you and Dillon are going through right now with your business. If you can look at the positive side of things, it really could be a blessing in disguise. Don’t give up. Go after that client like they need you more than you need them. They will love you guys. You and Dillon are good people, you got this!

This is great information and I love the topic, how to stay positive in a negative situation. What you did there with your client was take the high road and create a win win situation for all parties, and in turn you will reap the benefit ten fold. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your nice comments. I would love for everyone to understand we can all win, there does not need to be a loser.

Awesome awesome post. I tend to be a “glass half empty” kind of person, and this just gives me more perspective and ideas on how to turn around my thinking! I have been working really hard at becoming a more positive person all around. Loved this post!


You just keep on working it. It will become a habit and then just watch everything flow your way. thank you for the comment.

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