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What exactly is the VIP Program and who is Kristen Howe? Let’s start here. 

After all my searching and studying on who Kristen is, it seems to me she is just a down to earth kind of women. She is someone who cares deeply about people and truly wants to help each individual with 100% certainty. Kristen puts out many posts and videos pertaining to helping people overcome all kinds of issues. You can check out her Facebook page if you like and see the many different ideas she has on living life to it’s fullest.

So as you can tell she is a nice and genuine person. But does that mean she produces a great product? Let’s dive in and check it out.






This program contains 12 modules that are designed to get you clear and moving toward the life you have always wanted to live. These “Action” Modules keep you moving toward your goal when reading them step by step. you do not want to skip over any information.

Along with these Modules, you receive a bonus Module called “Re-Think Your Thinking. This Module will help you keep your mindset on track. When your life changes, your mind changes and this will keep you from wandering off and getting lost in the shuffle. If we want to better ourselves, we all need to do a little re-thinking.


kristen howe

The program then offers what they call “Go Big Boost”.


Monthly Focus and Action call with Kristen herself. Here, Kristen gets on the phone every month in a group setting to go over the planning for that month. She believes staying in touch is key to becoming successful at whatever it is you desire.


VIP Answers and Accountability. Once again, she will hold a group meeting call and go over the roadblocks you may be having and how to stay focused. You will be held accountable by stating your commitment to yourself to become who it is you want to be in life.


The VIP Action and Greatness Library. Here you will have VIP access to 7 selections that will make you unstoppable. These were personally hand picked by her for this particular program.


It states the total value of this program is $600. However, she has reduced it to only $27.00 monthly. She normally charges $47.00 monthly but has reduced it to make it even easier for more people to get help in overcoming their mental blocks.


Is there a Guarantee? Yes, I took a screenshot to place it right here for you.

kristen howe




1. The step by step procedure is simple and to the point

2. The extra bonuses are a huge plus. Constant access to Kristen

3. The 60-day guarantee

4. Someone that is willing to not just sell you something, but be there month after month.

5. Monthly payments – So much easier to make a minuscule payment rather than one large sum



1. You will need internet access as the program is digital

2. Monthly payments – sometimes people like to pay one upfront price

3. There is no magic, you will have to practice and follow the materials provided

kristen howe



In my experience of working with many different programs such as this and with different coaches, by far the price is ridiculously low. Coaches cost in an upwards of $1,000’s of dollars and to have monthly access like this for this price is just incredible. As far as everything being digital, I am old school and like my CD’s. The reason being I like to take training on the road, however, with new technology, you can plug the material into your smartphone if you wish.

Overall I would have to rate this program very high. You get a ton of training and the most important part is the continuous contact. One thing I know is when you are just beginning a new endeavor and someone hands you the materials then walks away, slowly but surely you lose focus on what your goals were in the first place. That will not happen here. So if you wish to take a look, I hope all your dreams come true.


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